D Ration kits

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d ration kits

The D-bar was sealed in a cellophane bag and then inserted in a small cardboard box. After closing this carton the cardboard box was submerged in wax making the package waterproof.
Twelve of these D-bar boxes were placed in a master carton. Twelve of these master cartons were packaged in a wooden shipping case. So, one crate holds 144 individual D-bars.

These kits consists of one master carton with twelve D-bar cartons and twelve cellophane bags to seal the chocolate bar in. There are two types of D-bar cartons: early and late.
The early type carries the nomenclature “U. S. Army Field Ration D”, and the late type has the nomenclature “Ration, Type D” with a warning against malaria on its back panel.
The early version was produced from late 1941 untill late 1942 or early 1943. Production started again early 1944 and these D Rations were packed in the later style cartons. Both types are good for D-day and later impressions.

The D-bar cartons are printed overall brown on the outside, so that after waxing with plain paraffin the cartons will look very authentic.

I choose this generic design of the master carton because it appeared that Hershey used the same master carton design throughout the war. Even after the change to “Ration, Type D”, the carton's label would still read “U.S. Army Field Ration D”. The master carton was not treated with wax.

Early D Ration kit €12

dration kit early

Early D Ration kit: 12 D-bar cartons with 12 cellophane bags and 1 master carton.

Late D Ration kit €12

dration kit late

Late D Ration kit: 12 D-bar cartons with 12 cellophane bags and 1 master carton.

Unfortunately I don’t have the moulds for the D-bars (yet). I’m experimenting with silicone moulds, but as of now I have no satisfactory product. To be continued…