Outer and Inner Carton set

For ordering, please send an email to info@kration.info

Specify the type of ration kit you want and amount. Include the country you live in for a shipping estimate. I ship from the Netherlands.

The cartons are sold as a set containing the Breakfast, Dinner and Supper units.

1 set of the outer cartons only is €2,50
1 set of outer and inner cartons is €4

If you order 12 sets you only pay for ten!

If you only need the cartons to fill an opened crate for a display, you can buy a dozen K Ration outer cartons. This means you need 12 sets, totalling 36 outer cartons.

It is also possible to get both the outer and inner carton sets for that extra touch. Fill the inner cartons with a block of wood for shape and weight, and you can open that crate and hand out those rations during a show!

Hills Bros

The Hills Bros. Company, tuck-end style cartons. Type II

Cracker Jack

The Cracker Jack Company, seal-end style cartons. Type IIIa

General Foods

General Food Corporation, tuck-end style cartons. Type IIIb

Phillips Packing Co

Phillips Packaging Company, tuck-end style cartons. Type IVa